Sunday, June 28, 2009

Not Much of a Blogger Aeh...

So if you haven't quite clued in after my four months of silence, I'm not really the blogger type. Don't get me wrong, I try, but I never end up getting around to posting. I'll try and do a quick update.

Tasha the dog... GONE GONE GONE.

TOO much dog hair, TOO much sneezing, TOO many accidents, TOO much too soon.

Don't worry. She's with a new loving family.

If you have not already tried Nothing Bundt Cake. You have not truly lived yet. It is Josh and my new obsession. We got one on my birthday, pumkin--- divine. For Josh's birthday we got red velvet---delish. I had a work party over the weekend and we brought the cinnamon swirl, and it was a HUGE hit.


The weather is finally warming up and we can enjoy going outside. It has been rainy for several weeks straight. Yeah for summer!

We had a great time celebrating our anniversary in St. George and Las Vegas with Brittani and Jason. (Our anniversaries are only a few days apart.) It was amazing.

We went and did a session at the St. George temple before embarking on our adventures in Sin City.