Saturday, September 27, 2008


Last night our neighbors asked us if we could babysit their kids. I have been home sick with a cold for the last two days, so that left Josh with baby duties. He really stepped up to the plate. He is going to be such a cute dad. This is MaKenna and she is the perfect baby. She never cries. She just sits around making cute baby noises all night long. If we could only guarantee that when we have a child they would be just like this.
MaKenna is totally content to sit her baby carrier. She was especially mesmerized by the dangling butterfly and flowers.

It looks like he's a natural!

Friday, September 26, 2008

American Fork Canyon

We went camping with Brittani and Jason in American Fork Canyon. Brittani already blogged about it, so I stole her blog because she told of the experience so well. I am pretty proud of these pictures because I was able to take a Nikon D300 and an 18-200mm lens with me (about $3,000 worth of equipment. ) It was a blast.

Hurley loved to be outside in nature.Just setting up camp.
We bought matching camping chairs. They are so comfy!
Brittani and Hurley dog.
After we got all set up, we decided to go on a little hike. The trails close at dusk, and that is when we arrived. We decided to head out on our journey anyway thinking there would be enough day light left. After we had been walking for about a mile, Josh heard a noise that spooked us all. We decided the trails close at dusk for a reason and took off running for our lives thinking there was a bear or wild bore out there! Once we got to the car, we realized there really wasn't anything out there, but we were ready to leave. Josh reached in his pocket to get his car keys to open the door, and they were gone. We figured they fell out of his pocket when we took off running. So we headed back down the trail trying to find our needle in a hay stack. We decided to say a prayer for some help and guidance on finding these keys.

This is what the sky looked like after we had been looking for about 30 minutes. So we were out in the mountains stranded, about 30 minutes away from our camp site, and it was getting dark. One other thing you should know is that we didn't have a flash light. So we were using our cell phones as light, and they weren't working too well. Just a side note... On the way to the trail we talked about turning around to bring a flash light, but we decided against it. I'm pretty sure we were regretting that decision about now.

After about an hour and a half of looking, Josh found his keys! They were about 2 feet off the path in the tall grass. I know our prayers were answered that night and we were blessed to be able to find the keys and get back to camp. I am so grateful for prayer!

On our way back to the camp site we had an interesting experience...

So we just had this spiritual experience with being blessed to find our keys and we started the drive back to the camp. On our way down the windy narrow road, we saw a man running down the right side of the road. We thought that was kind of weird for him to be jogging late at night in the mountains. Well, it got even weirder when we got closer because the only thing this man was wearing was his socks and shoes, and the Burger King Man mask. (you know the burger king man you see on the commercials) Yeah... I am not lying to you! It was so random and after the fact pretty funny. We decided it was probably a college kid who lost a bet.So you'd think that was enough adventure for one night...not quite! When we got back to our campsite it was locked. There were a few of us locked out with all of our stuff inside, so we had to figure out how to break in over the exit spikes. The middle car didn't dare try and took off.After we came up with the plan of using our car mats to hold the spikes down, Jason and I helped this guy get his SUV through, then he and J helped helped me get over the spikes too.

Once we finally got back we decided to build a fire and cook some dinner.

About an hour after we went to bed that night we woke up to animal noises in our camp site. At this point we just couldn't handle any more excitement in our night. We were scared thinking it could be a bear or something. Turns out is was a couple of massive raccoons who were eating Hurley's dog food. So the boys got up and put the dog food and the coolers in the cars. Finally, it was time for the eventful night to be over.

The next day we woke up and hiked the Timpanogos cave.
The hike was really hard, but so beautiful!

This squirrel picture was one of my favorites of the trip.

Welcome back to UTAH!!!

This is a picture that I took out the window of our car in Utah on our way back from Texas. Although our heart is in Texas, Utah can sure be beautiful.

The Lake house was one of the highlights of our trip. The Vernon's have been such a big part of all of the Falk kid's lives and they think of them as a second set of parents. My little sister Amy was able to come this trip and wakeboarded for the first time. She did great!

Texas Rangers & Dallas Cowboys

Gayle was so sweet to get us amazing seat at the Texas Ranger game while we were in town. It was so much fun and the Rangers kicked butt that night. THANKS GAYLE!

Josh was in hog heaven because Gayle ALSO gave tickets to David, Josh & Walter to have a "Boys Night Out". Pictures are to come...

Buffalo Wild Wings

Josh could eat at Buffalo Wild Wings for every meal. When I worked in Las Vegas, one of the foster girls that was in my Boystown home worked for Buffalo Wild Wings. I would always have her bring me wings from work. The day after Josh and I got married I asked him if we could go to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. (They do not have these in Utah) It was love at first wing for Josh. Now every time someone goes to Texas Josh has them bring home a bottle of wing sauce for him, so of course we had to go back when we were in Texas visiting.

Bowling at Main Event

We went to Main Event with Lynsi, Walter, Nathan, Natalie, David, Amy & Macie. We realized that bowling is EXPENSIVE! Since Lynsi and I are cheap we practiced our "mommy skills" and supervised the bowlers. Josh and Walter shared shoes and took turns bowling every other time. (We're so cheap, but I'm telling you it was REALLY expensive.)

Monday, September 8, 2008

We are quite the family.
It was doggy mayhem at my mom's house. She was crazy enough to allow us to keep Hurley at her house for our entire stay. Hurley had fun playing with his cousin's Daisy the lab, Cooper the terrier, and London the kitty.
Luckily Josh was to the rescue. Both Josh and Hurley were safe and sound.